MORTON top scorer Robbie Muirhead is about to go out of contract but says he has given no thought to his footballing future yet - as he is getting married shortly.

The striker is ending his fifth season with the club and says he'll play a waiting game as he gears up for the biggest summer of his life.

Muirhead has netted 16 goals this season and is sure to be on the radar of a number of clubs.

But he says talks on deals will have to wait.

He told the Tele: "In regard to next season, I’ll just play everything by ear.

"I'm putting football on the backburner for a few weeks anyway, because I’m getting married in the summer.

"So I've got that to look forward to and then going away on honeymoon and the like."

The former Hearts and Kilmarnock man says he has flourished in his second full season working under boss Dougie Imrie.

He told the Tele: "Working with Dougie has been brilliant for me. He's probably the first manager to just let me get on with things, which probably helps.

"I know him and Andy have faith in me, which plays a massive part in my confidence.

"Knowing you are being backed to the hilt is good to know as a player and I think it's shown over the last two years."