A TRIP to Inverness on a Saturday from my perspective is usually seen as a good day out as we tend to have something to eat and a few drinks but on Friday night it was more like a trip to hell as we got home just before 2am.

I thought we played reasonably well in stages and probably didn’t deserve to lose and this was shown by the fact that the 100 or so of us who travelled cheered the team from the park and every single one of the players responded and acknowledged the fans.

On Saturday evening all the players appeared at the player-of-the-year awards night and after speaking to a few of the squad and the chairman, John Laird, I am reasonably optimistic about next season.

John spoke about the plans for the club, players we are offering deals to and perhaps even more significantly that the budget would be significantly increased for next season.

Now I can relax with regards to Morton and channel all my energies towards going to Germany to support my country in the knowledge that our beloved club seems to be in the safe hands of our manager and chairman.