A BRAVE Gourock lad who was in danger of going blind following a freak accident involving a golf club is set to line up alongside Scotland's Euro 2024 stars in Germany tonight.

Football-mad eight-year-old Leo Harkins - who received a get-well-soon video message from Inverclyde footballer and national squad member Greg Taylor - landed the once-in-a-lifetime mascot chance through a competition.

But Leo thought his mum and dad, Paula and John Paul, were 'kidding' him when they told him he'd won and will be with Scotland for the crunch clash against Switzerland in Cologne.

The honour tops a remarkable road to recovery for Leo who faced potential blindness in January after being struck in the eye with a 7 iron whilst playing golf.

His parents were told to 'prepare for the worst' outcome as doctors feared Leo would not regain his sight on his left side.

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(Image: George Munro)

But the St Ninian's Primary lad is making a phenomenal recovery and is now ready to take it all in at the RheinEnergieStadion tonight.

Leo told the Tele: “I can’t wait to get out there now and see who I get as the player I stand next to.

“I really hope it’s Greg Taylor, when I got my eye injury Greg sent me a video which was really nice.

“I’d love to meet [Scotland captain] Andy Robertson too."

Mum Paula said: “This is amazing after that really serious accident he had.

“He nearly lost his sight in his eye while he was playing golf; another wee boy decided to turn round and change his swing and Leo took a full seven in the eye.

“I wasn’t with him when it happened, I was in Glasgow when we got a call and we were told to prepare for the worst.

“We thought he’d lost his sight, I was terrified.

“We feel as if this has been perfect timing, he’s got his wee scars from it, but he can see amazingly now.”

(Image: PA)

Paula said it was lovely to see her son getting the opportunity to be a Scotland mascot after a difficult road to recovery which saw him miss two months of school.

She added: “It was not a nice couple of months.

“He couldn’t see for the first few weeks, and he didn’t get his sight back until about the fourth week in.

“He had to get an MRI because he’d hit his head, and he was quite badly wounded as well.

“He went last week, and they’ve said he’s almost back to normal, they’ve said he shouldn’t be affected.

(Image: George Munro)

“When Leo got picked to be a mascot it was just luck of the draw, and when we told him he thought we were kidding him on.

“He told me the next day he woke up and thought it was a dream.

“Hopefully he’s a lucky charm for the team.”

Celtic supporter Leo won the chance to be a mascot after entering a competition run by supermarket giant LIDL, who are one of the tournament’s sponsors.

While on the trip Leo and his dad John Paul will get the chance to take in the city of Cologne before Scotland face off against the Swiss tonight.

Paula said: “We’re really hoping we get to see Leo on the screen during the anthems.

“He’s been practicing Flower of Scotland to make sure he knows all the words.

(Image: PA)

“He’s absolutely football mad, he’s obsessed.

“He plays three or four times a week and is with Ardgowan Thistle as well as Craig Malloy football.

“Football is all he does and all he wants to do.”

Leo said: “I didn’t believe it when my mum and dad told me.

(Image: PA)

“I’ve never been to Germany, and I don’t know much about it so I’m quite excited to go out.

“This is my first time I’ll be seeing Scotland play live so this’ll be a great first experience.

“I think Scotland could win, I’m going to think it’ll be a close one. Maybe 2-1, I’m thinking Scott McTominay and John McGinn will score.”