GARY Oliver reckons a win against Dunfermline tomorrow night would work wonders for Morton’s season and set them up to go on a winning run.

Ton are without a competitive win in four and but Oliver believes it will only take one good result to set the Ton on their way to a timely run of form.

And he insists tomorrow night’s clash against the Pars would be the perfect time to start. 

He said: “There would have been easier games to start again with than away to Dunfermline on a Tuesday night. It doesn’t come much tougher than that.

“But if we can go and win there I think that will give us a hell of a lot of confidence to go and progress from there and I think we’re more than capable of beating most teams in the league.

“We just need to keep the fingers crossed and hope we play well enough on the night. It would do us the world of good, to prove to each of us that we can do it on a freezing cold night in Dunfermline. We’ll just need to dig deep.”