WANDERERS are hopeful a late Christmas present can light up their season.

The Fort Matilda outfit have now received planning permission for their new floodlights to be erected and are hopeful the big switch on will be completed in January.

Contractors are lined up to carry out the work while topsoil was being delivered to the clubhouse yesterday as the improvements gather pace.

Club President Dougie Sloan is delighted at being able to see some light at the end of the tunnel.

He said: 'The lights are now on-site, ready for the old structures to be demolished and the erection of the new ones. It"s been a drawn out slow process, but it looks like we will get there.

'The lights we had before, the pylons, were dangerous and had been in for 30 years.

'The switches are all in the clubhouse, the new cabling and everything so it"s up to the contractors now.

'It shouldn"t take them too long to put them up, though I can"t see it being up for Christmas, more likely early next year I"d imagine."