AN ARMY veteran has slammed the ‘disrespect’ shown towards Inverclyde’s war dead.

Jim Coyle hit out today as the Tele reveals how irresponsible dog owners are letting their dogs foul near to the war memorial in Wellpark.

Mr Coyle, a member of the West of Scotland branch of the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders’ Regimental Association, says if pet owners don’t pick up after them then dogs must be banned from the park.

He said: “It dismays me that there is no respect for the cenotaph and people don’t control their dogs when they are in the park.

“I find this abhorrent.

“I think if people are responsible enough to have a dog, they should clean up after them and if not the council should put a blanket ban on them.”

Mr Coyle, 59, who comes from Greenock but lives in Port Glasgow, served for 15 years.

He says the dog fouling is symptomatic of an overall lack of respect.

Mr Coyle said: “Greenock is a proud town, proud of our armed services but the destruction after remembrance Sunday services is abysmal.

“I’ve taken part in ceremonies in the Well Park and within a hour, wreaths are just kicked about all over the place.

“It’s just a part of a general disrespect.

“CCTV cameras don’t seem to pick it up. The CCTV camera in Lynedoch Street is pointing the wrong way and should be turned to face into the park.”

Telegraph reader John Gorman highlighted the problem with dog dirt after being appalled during a visit to the park recently.

He was sickened to see dog mess right beside the memorial to fallen Scots Guard Stephen Monkhouse, who died while saving a wounded comrade in Afghanistan in 2010.

Mr Gorman said: “I was recently in the Battery Park with my grandchildren and the dog dirt in places is a health hazard, likewise I took a stroll through the Wellpark recently and I was appalled by the dog dirt littering the grass.

“If you were to go up to the Wellpark today you would see that around the small memorial for the man who lost his life in Afghanistan there is dog dirt lying very near the memorial.

“I’m not sure how the boy’s family would feel but I was appalled at this.

“If I had bags I would have lifted the dirt myself. 
Inverclyde Council have also slammed the pet owners responsible for the dog fouling disgrace.

A council spokesman said: “Whoever is responsible should be utterly ashamed of themselves for the upset this has caused.

“Our community wardens do monitor dog fouling and will issue fixed penalty notices to owners who do not pick up after their dogs but ultimately they cannot be everywhere all of the time.

“We would urge dog owners to act responsibly and to respect the wider community by cleaning up after their pets, particularly in sensitive areas such as near memorials, in cemeteries and in public parks and open spaces.

“People can also download the mobile app ‘Inverclyde Online’ and report incidents of dog fouling from their smartphone at any time of the day or night.”