A BROOMHILL tenant has blasted housing chiefs after he was told he wasn't getting house refurbishments - after pulling his flat apart to get ready for them.
Labourer Joe McCallum was sent a letter in June from landlords River Clyde Homes to tell him he would be moved out of his flat in Dempster Street to allow for kitchen, bathroom and rewiring work.
He ripped up his carpets, flooring and packed up his house - and claims he was only told the day before that he would in fact be going nowhere after a u-turn.
River Clyde Homes insist Mr McCallum was warned about the change of plan following an inspection, but officials have also issued an apology to him.
Joe, 54, said: "I was sent a letter to tell me I was going to be decanted for three weeks for work to be carried out.
"I had all my carpets and floors lifted.
"I was also sent boxes to help with my move.
"But the day before River Clyde Homes called to ask for the keys to my flat and then told me it was bad news, I wouldn't be going anywhere.
"They had decided the flat did not need the work done.
"I have stayed there for nine years and they have not completed any upgrades.
"Why should I miss out on a new kitchen, bathroom and a rewire?
"It doesn't make any sense.
"I am so angry.
"I had delayed decorating my house until the work was finished and now I am not getting it."
After sending the letter to Mr McCallum officials from River Clyde Homes carried out inspections in his home.
But Joe is adamant that he was unaware the plug was being pulled on the rewire until the last minute.
Joe said: "I was moving on July 17 to a house in Drumfrochar Road for three weeks and the day before they came to my house and said that it wouldn't be taking place."
River Clyde Homes did carry out some work to his house but Joe is unhappy about the condition of the property following the work.
He said: "They replaced doors and touched some things up.
"But they have left my house a total mess and I want them to come back and fix it."
River Clyde Homes has been carrying out kitchen, bathroom and rewiring work as part of a £22m regeneration project in Broomhill.
Their spokesman said: “An initial assessment indicated that Mr McCallum’s property required only a partial rewire and some minor works to be carried out.
“His flat is similar to a number of other homes in the Broomhill area that were refurbished previously and do not require major upgrading at this time.
"Mr McCallum was sent a letter telling him he would be temporarily rehoused in order for the rewiring work to take place.
"Following a subsequent inspection it came to light that the partial rewire was not, in fact, needed.
"The remaining planned improvement works did not require Mr McCallum to vacate his home and this was communicated to him face-to-face.
"These improvements have now been completed.
“We apologise to Mr McCallum for the inconvenience we have caused and would be happy to discuss the matter with him personally.”