SPECIALIST contractors checking for asbestos on the former Greenock Academy ground will finish their work next month.
Two contractors will be working side by side on two separate sites for several weeks.
This week Councillor Jim Clocherty dug the first ceremonial piece of the ground to start work on a £3.3 million nursery.
A council spokesman says the construction project is taking place on a section that has been completely cleared.
He added: "The specialist contractors will be finished on the remainder of the site in approximately six weeks.
"All precautions and safeguards remain in place.”
His comments follow a letter sent to nearby residents after concerns were raised over work to clear asbestos from the area.
Scott Allan, local authority corporate director of environment, regeneration and resources, had written to residents in a bid to allay their fears.
His letter said: “When the building was demolished, asbestos contaminated material was identified underneath a floor slab.
"This area of contamination was unknown to the council or the demolition contractor prior to demolition of the building.
“As soon as this asbestos contaminated material was identified, the area concerned was immediately fenced off and protected. 
“I can confirm to you that this asbestos contaminated material was not found in the former school building and then buried in the area concerned. 
“It was under the school building, and it is believed to have been there since before the former school was built.
“Please be assured that the known area of contamination is not a danger to public health.
"The area in question will eventually be cleared."