INVERCLYDE’S cinema will not be moved from its current waterfront location, a leading councillor said today.

Cllr Jim Clocherty was commenting on proposals for expanding Greenock Ocean Terminal operations by berthing liners near to the cinema.

One of the options mooted was to re-locate the cinema and use it as a reception area and visitor centre for liner passengers.

But Cllr Clocherty, who is deputy council leader and chair of the regeneration forum, says the cinema is staying where it is.

Asking about speculation that it could be moved to Port Glasgow, he said: “Speculation like this grows arms and legs.

“Anything we are doing will be complementary to the cinema.

“We own the cinema building, and we are not taking it over for cruise liner passengers.”

He said plans had been ‘fluid’ and that proposals are for large pontoons to be placed on the river near to the cinema.

Liners would berth at the pontoons and passengers would walk over bridges on to land, without the need for smaller ships to bring them ashore, as happens at some ports.

Cllr Clocherty said: “The pontoons would be a substantial structure leading into a reception area, which would include facilities for Customs and Excise and Inverclyde Tourist Group, who do such a great job of welcoming visitors.”

A spokesperson for RI said there are no plans for the waterfront cinema or bingo hall, other than trying to improve access through Greenock town centre to them. 

He added: “A second project identified as a priority by the forum is public access wifi, and Riverside Inverclyde is currently working towards delivering this for Greenock town centre.” 

The £14.7m expansion of the Ocean Terminal would be done under the City Deal, which also involves improvements to the A78 at Inverkip and the building of a renewable energy hub at Inchgreen drydock.