A BRAVE Greenock woman who survived multiple organ failures and was saved by a kidney transplant has raised thousands of pounds for 'angels' at Inverclyde Royal's renal unit.

Big hearted Sharon Pollock wanted to show her support for the patients in the life-saving local dialysis unit as a thank-you to staff.

The Tele recently told of her horrific ordeal battling life-threatening infections and how her hero nephew had stepped in to save her life.

Since then she has been overwhelmed with offers of support towards her fundraising drive.

A businessman was so moved by her story he even stepped in to donate a front door for the cause.

Sharon unfortunately ended up in hospital with an infection just before her charity night but still managed to get out in time to raise an incredible £3,500.

Sharon, 44, from Bawhirley Road, said: "It was an incredible night.

"We raised an unbelievable amount of money.

"I hadn't been keeping well well and ended up in hospital but I was so determined to get better in time so I could be there."

Sharon credits the renal unit with saving her life during her ordeal.

She added: "I call the everyone at the unit my angels. I honestly think I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for them. The nurse Stacey Hearl saved my life when she realised I had sepsis while undergoing dialysis.

"But from the cleaners up, the whole team are amazing.

"I want to do something to help patients who are there for hours at a time."

Sharon was facing a lifetime of dialysis six days a week until her nephew Craig donated his kidney.

Up until then she had been desperately ill as her organs shut down one by one as result of chronic heart failure.

After getting a new lease of life Sharon wanted to help the renal unit and her charity event in the Thistle Suite was a big hit.

Sharon added: "It was so busy we ran out of raffle tickets and had to buy more."

Windowcare boss Tommy Bradley stepped in to donate a front door worth hundreds of pounds.

He said: "Sharon is a valued customer and when I read what happened I wanted to help."

Sharon would like to thank everyone for their help with the event, including her friend Karen Ritchie who stepped into help organise everything.