A POPULAR minister who came to Greenock with his late wife and fellow minister eight years ago is now moving on for pastures new.

Reverend David Coleman's passion for the environment is taking him to Edinburgh to take up a post as environmental minister for Eco-Congregations Scotland.

David came to Greenock West United Reformed Church with his wife Reverend Zam Walker in 2010 and their children Taliesin and Mellangell.

Sadly Zam, who shared the ministry with her husband, became ill with lung cancer and passed away in 2016.

David said: "It's been home and my children have been through life stages with the church here.

"I served six years here with Zam and they congregation and community have been very supportive.

"They made it possible to keep going during the difficult times.

"I think she would have just been as excited about my new post."

David was born in Birmingham and has served in the church for 23 years.

This included posts in South Wales, Barrhead, and Brighton before settling in Greenock.

His son and daughter, now 19 and 16, went to local school Notre Dame and have grown up in the area.

David said: "We really have been through stages of life as other people have.

"I will miss the people and looking across at the Clyde - the scenery."

David 54, said: "I will be providing environmental and spiritual leadership or churches in Scotland and look at what it means to be a church in a time of climate crisis.

"The church has to take notice and give some leadership in these matters."

David and Zam were the people behind the Dinosaur Sunday services which sparked lots of interest.

They were designed to spark a more serious debate about science and faith and captured lots of attention.

David said: "It was about getting people to listen to what science is saying and that it is not in conflict with their faith. It helps you look at the world and see where we are in it."

He has also enjoyed working alongside other churches, especially bringing congregations together for the Good Friday Walk of Witness and he hopes this will continue and be developed further.

His last sermon in Greenock will be held on August 12 and he is welcoming members of other congregations to came along.