A GOUROCK woman says she was ‘gobsmacked’ when she bumped into world number one tennis ace Andy Murray and his brother Jamie in a Dunoon pub.

Liz Brown, right, from Bute Street couldn’t believe her eyes when she came face to face with the the sporting supremos in the Holy Loch Inn in Sandbank on Saturday afternoon.

The retired 67-year-old, who is a huge Andy Murray fan, says it was a dream come true to meet the pair along with her husband Ronnie and friends Alison, pictured, and Stewart Kerr.

She said: “Alison’s husband Stewart is the biggest wind-up.

“So when he said to me, there’s Andy and Jamie Murray, I said ‘aye right’.

“But when I realised it was them, I was totally gobsmacked.

“I always keep a notepad in my handbag so I got Jamie’s autograph first and then I got Andy’s.

“They were so so lovely.

“I told Andy I thought he was amazing as I watched the ATP world tour.

“They even went over and shook Ronnie and Stewart’s hands.

“I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face.”

Liz says she and her husband Ronnie visit Dunoon every weekend as they have a caravan at Hunters Quay Holiday Village.

They ended up going to the pub with their friends Alison and Stewart who were over visiting for a St Andrew’s night at the caravan park.

Liz said: “Every weekend me and Ronnie usually go to that pub for a drink and then walk back to the caravan.

“It’s usually so quiet so it was a surprise when we walked in and it was mobbed.

“When I saw the two big groups of guys I initially thought they were fishermen because they were so casually dressed.

“It was such a shock when I realised it was Andy and Jamie.

“We found out that they were out for their dad’s stag party as he’s getting married the next weekend.”

As one of Andy’s biggest fan’s, Liz said she didn’t want to impose on him for a photo.

But opportunity knocked when she was about to leave the pub.

She said: “When we were leaving, Andy and Jamie were standing near the door so we got a photo with them.

“For a laugh, I invited them to the St Andrew’s night party at the caravan park and said we had a spare bed at the caravan if they needed a place to stay.

“When we went along to the St Andrew’s night, we told the staff that Andy and Jamie Murray were in town and they just looked at us as if we were daft.”