A CAMPAIGNING councillor is demanding investment in a neglected area of Gourock plagued with anti-social behaviour.

Ronnie Ahlfeld is fighting the corner of fed-up residents living in Tower Drive.

They want action from housing chiefs River Clyde Homes and other authorities after a general decline and a spate of recent incidents, including a deliberately-started blaze in a close, prompted a cry for help.

A new tenants’ and residents’ association has been set up and Mr Ahlfeld says they must get help from the powers-that-be.

Councillor Ahlfeld, far right, said: “There really needs to be some future investment in the area.

“That is what I would like to see.

“People’s concerns are mostly directed at River Clyde Homes.”

He says people in the neighbourhood have highlighted issues with security, maintenance and refuse.

He said: “People need to feel like they are listened to.”

The residents’ association — led by chairwoman Geraldine Harron — is pushing to establish a base on Tower Drive.

Councillor Ahlfeld added: “I hope we can get the shop on Tower Drive up and running, somewhere people can go to register any concerns they have.”

The police attended the group’s first meeting to set out their plan for tackling anti-social behaviour and River Clyde Homes representatives have pledged to look at issues around housing repairs and anti-social behaviour.

Chairwoman Geraldine, centre, says she’s delighted with the early progress that has been made.

She said: “I think we have something really positive here.
“We are a community who cares and looks after one another.”