A GOUROCK pensioner fell and badly injured himself walking down a rotting path that no one is taking responsibility for.

Gordon Rae, 71, broke two toes and bruised his knee when part of it gave way and he pitched forward.

It happened early in the morning while he was on his way down the Castle Levan estate shortcut between Urquhart Drive and Culzean Drive.

Mr Rae, a retired chartered surveyor of nearby Taymouth Drive, was trapped face down for about five minutes as he struggled to remove his left foot from under a slab which had moved unexpectedly when supporting bricks collapsed.

He was treated at Inverclyde Royal Hospital for his injuries, but believes he was fortunate to escape even more serious injuries.

Mr Rae said: “There are no lights on this path, and some of the slabs are unstable and slippy.

“It’s used by many people, including children going to and from school in the dark in winter.

“This was an accident waiting to happen, and I fear a child could be seriously injured if nothing is done about it.”

Mr Rae said he had contacted the council after his accident, and was told they were not responsible for the path, because it had never been ‘adopted’ by them.

He said: “The council told me the path was the responsibility of people living on either side of it, but I’ve spoken to some of them and they know nothing of this being in the title deeds of their homes.

“There are other paths in the area which are maintained by the council and have lights on them, so the council should take over this one, too, and make it safe.”

But Mr Rae’s plea has been snubbed by the council.

A spokesman said: “We can only adopt paths that meet national roads development guidelines, and this particular path does not.

“Repair and maintenance is the responsibility of the owners on the estate – and in most cases this is written into their title deeds.”

He added: “We have put up barriers around a couple of areas of concern, and will contact owners about them getting the path repaired.”