MORTON boss Jim Duffy hopes his youngsters can succeed out on loan by gaining invaluable first team experience at a competitive level.

Jack Iredale and Lewis Strapp moved to Queen’s Park and Elgin City on short-term loan deals while Jamie McGowan, David Anderson, Ben Eardley and Scott Miller are playing in the junior ranks.

Duffy reckons these deals can only serve to benefit the players in future.

He said: “We’ve sent boys out on loan over the last couple of years. Sometimes it works in our favour, but other times it hasn’t maybe worked out as well as we’d have liked.

“But I still believe in the principle of putting boys out on loan. I think that’s the right way to go about it because it gives them invaluable experience. Invaluable game experience is what we’re looking for.

“That’s ultimately what is required at that age. 

“But like I’ve said, it’s not guaranteed. Sometimes a player goes to a club that doesn’t quite feel right or work out. 

“But a couple of our boys have went junior, some have stayed senior.

“Jack has gone to Queen’s Park, Lewis obviously is at Elgin and there are a few others who have gone into the junior ranks. 

“It’s a very competitive level of football that they’re all playing at and for me, that’s what it’s all about.”