FUEL prices in Inverclyde remain highest in Scotland and some stations are charging motorists 30p more than a forecourt in nearby Dunoon today.

Drivers in the area have repeatedly voiced their frustrations about being 'ripped off' at local pumps.

The matter is now being investigated by the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) after the government watchdog was alerted by the local MSP, Stuart McMillan.

Today, motorists in Dunoon paid up to 30 pence less than Inverclyde motorists, with Cot House Services across the water charging 159.9 pence per litre of unleaded fuel, while the average cost across Inverclyde was 184.2 pence per litre.

Research published in the Tele in June showed that prices in the area were the highest in Scotland consistently. 

According to analysis by financial advice site Forbes Advisor, which used data from the Office of National Statistics and PetrolMap to find out where it was most costly to get a full tank of petrol, Inverclyde was the most expensive authority area in Scotland to fuel up in March.

Figures obtained by the Tele showed Inverclyde remained in the top spot both in June and July when compared to average prices across the rest of Scotland.

In July, the average price for unleaded petrol in the area sitting at £1.89 per litre, meaning Inverclyde is far above the Scottish average of around £1.75 per litre.


The difference between one of the cheapest areas – Clackmannanshire – has also increased; the divide between the two sitting at 16 pence in March, but now totalling 25 pence.

Locals have particularly noted the difference to nearby areas - leading to two of the local political representatives joining forces to increase the pressure on retailers and to tackle Tesco, Morrisons, and bp over a 'fuel price cartel' they are running at local forecourts.

Currently, it is on average 12p cheaper per litre to fuel up in Glasgow, 13 pence on average in Renfrewshire, and 14 pence in North Ayrshire.

Motoring industry expert RAC, warned this week that major retailers are failing to reduce petrol prices in line with falling wholesale costs.

The rise in fuel cost has been affecting every household, but fears have grown on how certain professions - such as local carers working Inverclyde HSCP, who rely on their car for work - will cope if the decrease in wholesale petrol costs is not reflected at local pumps.

The areas' forecourt providers have responded that prices in the area are reviewed continuously, and 'remain competitive' when contacted by the Tele, or by by SNP politican Stuart McMillan, who has accused two of the main providers - Tesco and Morrisons - of not taking the issue seriously.

Angered at the lack of credible answers from suppliers over the disparity in charges when compared with other nearby and remote areas, the MSP forwarded his concerns to the CMA last month, resulting in the regulator to now launch an official investigation.

Any local looking to submit evidence directly to the CMA, can do so by emailing: RoadFuels@cma.gov.uk