RIP-OFF Tesco bosses have abandoned a promise to the people of Inverclyde and hiked up vehicle fuel prices - despite rivals SLASHING theirs.

The supermarket giant was yesterday selling petrol and diesel at 145.9p a litre in Greenock - 6p MORE than Morrisons less than a mile away.

It comes just days after Tesco pledged to remain 'competitive' with other fuel stations in the district.

A Tesco spokesman told the Telegraph earlier this month: "We regularly monitor fuel prices throughout a local area to ensure we’re providing competitive prices for our customers and our fuel prices in Inverclyde are very competitive with other petrol stations nearby."

There was silence from Tesco yesterday when we asked them to explain their high prices.

But campaigning Inverclyde MSP Stuart McMillan - whom Tesco has repeatedly refused to hold talks with - declared that local motorists will ‘remember who is on their side’.

Mr McMillan has been spearheading Fair Fuel Watch, highlighting the cheapest pump prices in the district and comparing them to the least expensive rates elsewhere.

Greenock Telegraph:

Mr McMillan said: “Firstly, well done to Morrisons for reducing their fuel prices.

“It’s now over to Tesco to do the right thing and lower their prices or stick to the tired argument of ‘we are competitive locally’, because if that is still their position, they are clearly failing."

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On Monday, Morrisons lowered both its unleaded and diesel prices to 139.9p.

Despite this, Tesco retained 144.9p prices throughout the week, before putting them up by a further penny to 145.9p yesterday.

MSP Mr McMillan had met with Morrisons prior to their price drop, and says the price cut has exceeded his expectation.

Tesco are yet to engage with him on the issue.

Greenock Telegraph:

The MSP said: “I met with Morrisons representatives a couple of weeks ago and was hopeful that after again making the case for fuel prices to drop locally, we’d see some movement.

“I will not change my position that Morrisons, Tesco and BP have been treating Inverclyde residents like a cash cow for far too long, but I am always willing to give credit where credit is due.

“Morrisons clearly have heard the calls from me and many local residents and have done the right thing.”

Earlier this month, a report published by the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) recommended that the UK Government introduces a series of measures to support consumers.

These included instant access to forecourt prices and a monitoring body.

Greenock Telegraph:

Mr McMillan welcomed these recommendations at the time, and now hopes to see Tesco take action to bring its prices in line with Morrisons.

He said: “Morrisons have taken the bull by the horns and shown every other fuel retailer can lower their prices if they wish.

"It’s now over to Tesco to either reduce their prices, or they will need to come up with a new excuse for Inverclyde as the so called ‘being competitive locally’ clearly is just nonsense.

"I’ll be filling up at Morrisons tonight, as will many others I suspect, and hope Tesco have the guts to accept my offer to sit down and discuss their anti-competitive fuel pricing strategy locally.

"Make no mistake, local drivers will remember who is on their side”.

The Telegraph contacted Tesco for comment, but no response was received.