BRAVE survivors of a repeat domestic offender branded a 'danger to women' have condemned his 'laughable' punishment after years of abuse and assaults and criticised persistent mistakes throughout the case which have left them feeling shunned by the justice system.

Three women were mistreated by Glen Fullarton, from Gourock, during a series of separate but similar incidents dating back to 2013, when the abuser was still a teenager.

The 28-year-old former Faslane apprentice, who is well known in Clyde yacht racing circles, was spared jail at Hamilton Sheriff Court on April 12 despite a previous conviction two years ago for attacking an ex-partner in Oban.

Greenock Telegraph: Hamilton Sheriff CourtHamilton Sheriff Court (Image: Street View)

Fullarton, of Binnie Street, pleaded guilty to four offences part-way through a trial earlier this year, eventually admitting to threatening and abusive behaviour, assault and two charges of domestic abuse involving a trio of complainers.

Greenock Telegraph: Glen FullartonGlen Fullarton (Image: Contributed)


One of those women has now come forward to share her story under condition of anonymity, while the father of another victim has told the Telegraph that his family have been 'extremely disappointed by the whole business'.

He said: "The process dragged on for month after month and nobody bothered to tell her how it was progressing. Even after it was done, nobody bothered to tell her the outcome. I’ve written to the sheriff clerk, the procurator fiscal, even to the justice secretary and they won’t tell me anything. It’s like it’s a state secret and certainly no business of the victims.

"The sentence is laughable.

"Our daughter wouldn’t have reported this. She wanted to forget all about it but the police asked her to come forward because of the other women involved and she felt she should help.

"This is her reward - basically getting ignored by the courts."

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A recent report published by the prosecution watchdog in Scotland stated that most victims of domestic abuse had a 'poor experience' of the justice process, describing it as 'confusing, frustrating, exhausting and stressful' and often feeling 'unsupported'.

The inspection, which assessed sheriff summary level cases across the country like Fullarton's, found recurring themes including victims' sense that abusers had not been held to account for their actions, sentencing outcomes 'did not reflect the gravity of the offending', and victims felt 'unable to move on with their lives' due to the length of the court process.

A series of recommendations have now been made in a bid to improve the system for those who report such crimes.

Greenock Telegraph: Glen FullartonGlen Fullarton (Image: Babcock)

One of Fullarton's victims described the process as a 'shambles' and told the Tele: "There was a catalogue of errors throughout this case.

"There were delayed dates due to missing paperwork, bail conditions jeopardised, the system couldn't even give the right updates to all the witnesses - all of this makes the process a lot harder for vulnerable witnesses.

"So much more needs to be done within the Scottish justice system to support vulnerable witnesses and ensure perpetrators are brought to justice.

"I think it's important to remember that complainers are human, and it's daunting - patience and empathy are needed, it's a very cold process to experience."

Fullarton was ordered to complete the maximum 300 hours of unpaid work within 12 months and will be supervised for three years in the community, while he must attend the Up2U rehabilitation programme for domestic offenders and a five-year non-harassment order was imposed in respect of one of the complainers.

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The victim claimed Fullarton is a 'danger to women' and said: "I don't think for domestic abuse survivors the sentence will ever reflect what you need to carry through life.

"I'm not sure it would ever feel enough, but I'm glad sentencing has been carried out. It took 18 months for this to conclude, which for victims drags on the abuse for such an extended period.

"It's frightening to think how Glen has abused three women, over a period of at least 10 years.

"He's left his victims with invisible scars that will be carried for a long time, if not forever.

"Glen maintained a not guilty plea until the last possible moment, meaning two witnesses had to testify.

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"To me, this demonstrates very little remorse or accountability for his appalling behaviour."

The woman added: "I'm glad I spoke out, it makes you feel like you've got your voice and control back."

Encouraging other victims to speak out and seek support, the complainers also issued a warning to women to be aware of the dangers of online dating and urged them to search the name of potential dates on the internet and utilise Police Scotland's disclosure scheme.

Fullarton was convicted of repeatedly acting in an aggressive, controlling and manipulative manner towards the women, which included making offensive remarks about one victim's weight and appearance and punching and damaging a car between January 2013 and January 2017.

Greenock Telegraph: Glen FullartonGlen Fullarton (Image: Contributed)

He assaulted the same woman by throwing a shoe at her head, grabbing her by her clothing, throwing her against a wall, throwing her to the ground, seizing her by the neck and pinning her against a wall all to her injury.

Between September and October 2022, at streets in Gourock and elsewhere, he made similar comments to a different complainer, repeatedly squeezed her hands and fingers, struck her on the ear, seized her by the body and lifted her off of her feet, repeatedly attempted to remove her bra, grabbed her by the hair and pulled it.

The other woman was harassed and abused between December 2020 and January 2023 and Fullarton threatened to share intimate photos of her online, repeatedly told her he was embarrassed to be with her and to be seen with her, pushed her and struck her on the head and body.